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Little about us...

A family VW Buggy Project turned into a buggy obsession. The outcome is this site filled with personally used & tested accessories that would
be a great addition to any dune buggy build. Our goal is to provide others with unique quality upgrade parts for their buggies at an affordable

We have also listed here items that we had a hard time finding for our buggy build. Hopefully you find this site helpful.
Special requests are always welcome as we're constantly coming up with new ideas for our VW Dune Buggy build.
More to come...

In addition to buggy parts you will also find here wide range of affordable Motorcycle parts as well as some of popular products we carried on our
other site HydroPower4Cars.com since 2008... (Sleepy Eye Kits, Hydrogen Kits, Halo Kits, & Random Card modifications / add ons)

We are #1 Provider of the easy to use Sleepy Eye Kits (aka: Lazy Eyes) for cars with flip up headlights.  Product line we created and have been
providing to our customers since 2001...

We also have a sister site
www.HikePro.net which gears towards outdoor & urban survival gear and more...

Check our YouTube Channel & follow us on Instagram for some great information and latest updates. Links below.

Feel free to email us with requests, questions etc. (modernmodz@yahoo.com  or carmod50@yahoo.com)

We do offer International shipping but note that the customer if fully responsible for any International shipments.  Please review International
shipping terms page for more details.

Prefer to purchase on eBay? Check out our current listings / specials right now at the link below.